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Guaranteed Income: What Is It & Why Do I Want It?

Mary Beth’s Corner People are living longer, which presents both opportunities and financial considerations. Take, for instance, a 65-year-old couple: there’s an 89% chance that one partner will reach age 85, and a 45% chance of reaching at least age 95. This could mean planning for a retirement that spans

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Navigating Retirement Plans: SEP vs. SIMPLE vs. 401(k) 

Mary Beth’s Corner   According to Fidelity Investment’s 2023 Small Business Retirement Index, only 34% of small businesses are currently offering retirement savings to employees and 21% don’t know how to start the process of offering a retirement plan, or which retirement plan vehicle works best for them. Small business owners are faced

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Long-Term, Part-Time Employee Rules — What You Need To Know!

Mary Beth’s Corner The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (“SECURE”) Act of 2019 requires that 401(k) plans permit employees who have worked for at least 500 hours of service over three consecutive years and attained age 21 before the close of those three years must be allowed to

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Overwhelmed By Payroll Processing?

Time is a precious resource when managing a business and running accurate payroll can be time consuming and complex. Payroll Integrations and aggregators can automate a plans payroll experience between the Plan Sponsor, Recordkeeper and TPA.

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Simplified Form 5500 Reporting: New Regulations

Thanks to new regulations, for reporting purposes, the inclusion of eligible but non-participating employees will no longer be the methodology used when determining the number of participants– only participants and beneficiaries with account balances will be considered.

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