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Sailing Towards Retirement Readiness

Assisting participants achieve a dignified retirement is a collaborative effort and your employer has selected a world class crew to assist you in meeting and exceeding your goals.

Although My Benefits does not provide participant education, your Plan’s selected retirement plan investment provider and dedicated financial advisor provides access to exceptional tools and resources to help you set sail on your journey to retirement.

Navigating Your Retirement Account

Contribution Limits

The 2022 IRS contribution limits are $20,500 with a catch-up contribution of $6,500 for those age 50 and up totaling $27,000.

Account Balance

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Distributions & Loans

Starting the distribution and/or possible loan process starts with your investment provider. Select their logo below to be directed to your participant account access.

Work With Your Crew

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Unable To Access Your Account Using Logos Above?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your employer’s HR department to request a copy of your Summary Plan Description (SPD) highlighting all the benefits and features of your plan.
The IRS employee contribution limit is $20,500 for the 2022 calendar year. An additional catch-up contribution of $6,500 is available for participants 50 years of age and older, totaling $27,00 for 2022.
Participants can access vested account balances upon separation of service from the employer sponsoring the Plan. Your plan may also offer financial hardship, disability and/or in-service withdrawals while still employed. Please contact your employer’s HR department for more information or review your Summary Plan Description (SPD).
If your plan allows, you may be eligible to borrow against certain vested account balances. Please contact your employer’s HR department for more information or review your Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Having Trouble Accessing Your Account?

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